Tiffany Fraenkel-Burrus

Tiffany Fraenkel-Burrus, Property broker

“Ensure a personal, dynamic and responsive service.”

 A dynamic and responsive English-speaker, with a qualification from the USPI, in my view the luxury property market is synonymous with quality of service. It is above all about tailoring my attention to the demands and priorities of my clients. In this highly specific field, it is important to know how to be more than a “simple” broker and also to provide in-depth knowledge of applicable laws. Our goal is to be able to answer all of a client’s questions in the most complete and precise manner possible. Our knowledge of the market needs to be matched by our understanding of our clients. This means that bringing together technique, attention and devotion is essential. To respond to this daily challenge, I rely on my experience and my detailed knowledge of the region. I love my work, and I would go so far as to say that real estate is a real passion for me, as well as a family business. Having grown up in this milieu, I want to take advantage of my skills in order to make the real estate goals of my clients a reality.

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Tiffany Fraenkel-Burrus

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