Thomas Brunner

Thomas Brunner, Property broker

“Establish privileged relationships with extraordinary people.”

Graduating in 2008 with a masters in sports management, and now a passionate expert in real estate, I deal with an international clientele every day as part of my work. In order to provide a real “luxury” service, it is above all necessary to know how to adapt to different cultures. This means taking an interest and becoming personally invested in clients, while helping them to discover the many aspects of our local culture. In high-end property, it is above all the experience and the lifestyle on offer that are of interest to the buyer. Our role is to clarify for our clients all the aspects of the purchasing process, as well as to be their guides to integrating into the Riviera. Moreover, our region is one of the most sought-after in the world. Everything is within reach here: Lake Geneva, the mountains, security, culture, and so much more. This means that luxury is not just something that is found between a property’s walls, but is also a question of location.

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