Mikael Dias

Mikael Dias, Property broker

“Establish strong relationships in order to understand my clients better.”

“High-end real estate specialist” is a description that I particularly appreciate, because my vision of luxury is based above all on the flawless quality of service that I offer to my clients. Several major trips around the world – to Hong Kong, Lisbon or New York – have helped me to understand the real importance of a luxury property portfolio. This experience has also provided me with the opportunity to build up special relationships with incredible people. With in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market in the Fribourg region accumulated over several years – a verdant land full of surprises, ideally located between the French and German parts of Switzerland – I have the opportunity to be able to discover sumptuous new properties every day. As for the qualities that I bring to my clients, they are above all connected to my complete availability, to my discretion, but also to my international openness and my cultural diversity.

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Mikael Dias

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