Marcus Rothenbuehler

Marcus Rothenbuehler, Property broker & Proxyholder

“Offer an à la carte service; the right advice at the right moment.”

The notion of luxury is very variable, and it is perceived in different ways from one individual to another, from one region of the globe to another, as well as between generations. Luxury consists in finding, purchasing or building the property that responds to the demands arising from these perceptions. What is considered luxurious by A may not be so for B, which is why the luxury broker becomes a kind of chameleon for the wishes of our client. Combined with our market knowledge, this is what enables us to hit upon that rare gem. The prestige market is exposed to greater volatility in terms of taxation, regulation, its situation and its environment (both current and future). Probity, experience and professionalism are essential qualities given the complexity of this highly specialist market. The area around Lake Geneva offers a range of possibilities that is unique in the world, whether it is a waterfront property, a private mansion, a villa amongst vineyards or a large estate. All of this, within easy reach of an international airport, renowned schools, ski resorts and cutting-edge businesses. In short, luxury is the right advice at the right time, and an à la carte service!

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Marcus Rothenbuehler

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