Frédéric Schmalz

Frédéric Schmalz, Property Broker

“A property broker is like an orchestra conductor leading a beautiful symphony”

When I’m not practicing my passions like ski touring, cycling, kitesurfing or triathlon, I work in the fields of finance and real estate which are the other strings to my bow. What sets me apart from my peers? My total mastery of banking, notarial and tax issues. As a broker at Cardis Sotheby’s International Realty, I am able to offer quality and first-rate advice to both owners and future buyers. If the world of real estate can seem a rigid one with its rules and laws, there is sometimes room for a creative streak in which I can, like an artist, bring to a conclusion a complex sale and make both sellers and buyers happy. For me a broker is like a conductor who must bring sellers, clients, banks and notary into harmony in order to close a sale without false notes, like a beautiful symphony! However, none of these qualities can hide the fact that I put the human side of things first and foremost, which is the only way to provide a tailor-made solution for my clients’ property transactions.

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Frédéric Schmalz

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